Girls of Destiny (GOD), a division of Destiny Light Services is a unique program that inspires girls to be “Stars in the Universe” by pursuing intelligence, physical and spiritual success.

Our Purpose

Statistic Canada National Population Health Survey shows that adolescent girls tend to have a lower self- concept (a sense of self-worth and a feeling of control) than boys and are particularly susceptible to the effects of that perception such as teenage pregnancy, depression, various health issues and obesity. A positive self-concept appears key to developing good mental and physical health.

Our Vision

To be the Ray of Hope that provides an avenue for girls to have fun while learning to become leaders of integrity and excelence.

Our Mission

To ignite the brilliance within young people by training them to be effective leaders and citizens who are equipped to develop the next generation of leaders.

To assist churches, community organisations and businesses, create programs that bring positive change in the lives of young people.

Girls of Destiny Core Values

We strive for excellence in the following areas: Leadership: We are committed to follow the example of Christ who unselfishly served, encouraged, and mentored others.

Integrity: We are committed to perform our responsibilities with spiritual, moral, intellectual, relational, and financial integrity.

Partnership: We are committed to pursue collaboration with others to see our common purpose fulfilled.

Global View: We are committed to young women of all nations, race, and people groups.

Contact Us

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