There are plenty of skin concerns that teens have. However, the major concern that teens have is pimples which appear out of nowhere, robbing their peace. Until and unless teens encounter serious skin problems, they don’t follow a skin care regime. Even if they follow a skin care regime, they are hardly consistent with it.
The major reason why teens get pimples is that they forget to cleanse their faces before going to bed. They wear makeup or sunscreen during the day and go to bed without removing it. This results in unwanted pimples. If you are a teenager, then here are some simple back to school beauty tips for you:

  1. You must drink plenty of water every day as water rejuvenates our system and keeps the skin healthy.
  2. Cleanse your face properly before going to bed and in the morning. You need to be consistent and cleanse your face atleast twice every day.
  3. Hormonal changes have an impact on every teen, although for a temporary period. Therefore, you need to find a skin product that suits your skin type during this period. There are skin products for every kind of skin: dry, oily, sensitive.
  4. It is not enough to be consistent with cleansing. You also need to know how you should cleanse your skin. Most teenagers spend just 10 seconds on cleansing their face. You should take time to cleanse your skin for rewarding effects. Take some amount of cleanser and move all over your skin in circular motions. Pay extra attention to the congested areas such as forehead, nose, neck and chin.
  5. Use lukewarm water and a soft face cloth during cleansing. If you wear a lot of makeup, then you should double cleanse your face.
  6. Do not scrub harshly to remove make up from your face. Be gentle.
  7. You should give your skin rest some days by not applying makeup on it.
  8. You should invest in a nice hair care product according to your hair type that can make your hair look silky and gorgeous.
  9. You should also own a quality hair dryer. A sleek blow-wave along with a round-bristle brush looks great.
  10. If you get dark shadows often, then you must use a good concealer.
  11. Do not apply new nail polish over chipped, old polish as it looks awful.
  12. Finally, the most important beauty tip is to have enough sleep every night. A good sleep can make you look good and feel good throughout the day.

Follow these simple tips to ensure you look beautiful every time, every day.

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