I need money for College or University and I need to win scholarships, but I don’t know the steps to take! Is there a scholarship for me?

Tuition fees are increasing and you need financial help. Scholarships are FREE money awarded to students on the basis of academic, leadership, community services and or financial need.

The workshop teaches the basic principles and steps to winning scholarships. It offers practical tools to write successful scholarship application as well as opportunity to participate in a lively, interactive interview skills breakout session.

Module 1: Grades 9&10

  • Preparation tools
  • Good grades
  • Unique interest, membership in school clubs, youth groups, sports team etc.

Module 2: Grades 11&12

  • How to treat scholarship research
  • Portfolio management
  • Essay writing
  • How to get the attention of a scholarship judge
  • The application process
  • Recommendation letter
  • Post interview letter
  • Scholarship data base resources
  • Interview skill group session

Module 3: Parents Workshop

  • How to encourage and assist your child to locate scholarships
  • Financial aid and student loans
  • Registered Education Plans. Is the money enough?


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